Why Organity Chose Ayurveda?

Why Organity Chose Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘ayurvedah’, ayu (life) and veda (science), which very simply can mean science of life or science of longevity or art of living. 

However Life is not simple neither to live nor to understand and hence much more difficult to live in the right manner. Ayurveda, as a body, covers multiple areas that impact the health and holistic well-being of any human. It does not limit itself to health and medicine but extends beyond to a variety of topics like astrology, art, spirituality, human behaviour etc. 

Compiling all these inter-disciplinary fields, Ayurveda states that the secret to good health is in how we deal with our bodies. It suggests herbs, diets, lifestyle practices, daily habits, that are not mystical or esoteric in nature but down-to-earth and yet bring tremendous improvement in our mental and physical health, not to forget beauty as well. 

It is why Organity chose Ayurvedic philosophies as a base to create a line of self-care products that not only accommodate nature into bottles but also constantly evolve time tested beauty secrets to suit them with modern lifestyle. 

While medical science and allopathic treatment responds only to mental and physical ailments already present in the body, Ayurveda focuses on preventing them from entering our bodies altogether. Organity’s selfcare products also make use of the same logic and hence brings preventative formulas that strengthen the skin and hair rather than just correcting and changing them. 

Since most of the sickness in us is caused by poor life habits, lack of tailor made diets, and uninformed drug intake across a span of years, it is only logical that to stay healthy and beautiful, we make lifestyle, diet and self-care choices that are Pure yet powerful. . 

It is thus Organity is an Ayurvedic Self-Care brand for Modern India, where beauty is regarded as Skin + Deep! 

We bring barrier repair self care formulas where each and every product is carefully crafted to strengthen and nourish the quality of your skin and hair and prevent them from signs of damage and dullness. 

We also upgrade ancient practices and bring age-old wisdom from our 50+ years experienced team of Ayurvedic experts into high performance self-care using all natural ingredients. Our beauty blends have evolved to include natural alternatives to new found skincare essentials like retinols, hyaluronic acid, niacin, peptides, anti-oxidants and many others. 

We believe what works for nature’s beauty, works for humans too and hence keeping this interconnected wellness in mind, Organity is on a mission to bring to people self-care products that are Pure, Powerful and Protective for a long-lasting beauty.