Organity was never an impulsive idea. A barrier repair, skin-strengthening Ayurvedic self-care brand, it was born out of the vedic-holistic living choices made by its two founders and friends.

Divya and Charika

Pure and authentic skincare was either very expensive to be affordable for a longer time or very homemade and basic that doubted the hygiene quality & efficacy of products.

Divya & Charika then made it their life’s mission to bring such products that not only empower people to accept their natural skin and hair but also work to enhance and strengthen its quality.

They are choosing PURITY & Traditional formulations for effective and skin deep results rather than trending ingredients for quick results or cheaper spends that usually only synthetic chemicals and actives offer. 

They trust nature's healing process, and have found a middle route-  an amalgamation of Ayurveda as well as trending ingredients that are Pure, Powerful and Protective for skin and hair. 

5 Years of extensive product Research

Divya & Charika, both MBA became certified Ayurveda Therapists and then after 5 years of extensive product research and conversations with Ayurvedic experts from over 50+ years,  came up with Organity, where they bring age-old Ayurvedic wisdom into high performance self-care using all natural ingredients. 

Organity’s beauty blends have been evolved to include natural alternatives to new found skincare essentials like retinols, hyaluronic acid, niacin, peptides, anti-oxidants and many others.