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Skin AM Repair + Protect Duo
Skin AM Repair + Protect Duo
Skin AM Repair + Protect Duo
Skin AM Repair + Protect Duo

Skin AM Repair + Protect Duo

An absolute Result Oriented day skincare combo that aims to give Glass Glow Skin without layering too many products. While Rasa is an epitome of Nourishment, Tejas protects the skin barrier from environmental damage. A good day skincare routine accelerates skin cells regeneration, enhances recovery from inflammation and breakouts, eliminates & protects from the damage caused by environmental stressors during the day. And this duo do more than it says.

  • Tejas-Pearl & Elaidi SPF Face Cream: Rs. 845.00
  • Rasa - Blue Tansy & Bakuchi Radiance Serum: Rs. 875
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  • Transformative Day Skincare Treatment
  • Renews Skin Cells & Delays Ageing
  • Seals in Moisture 7 gives Glass Glow Skin
  • Forms a Nourishing Protective layer against sun damage
  • With Nature’s Retinol: Rosehip & Almonds
  • With Natural Ceramides: WHEATGERM OIL & GOLDEN JOJOBA OIL
  • With Natural Vitamin C: ELAIDI & DATES
  • With Natural Collagen Producer: Pearls
  • Skin Barrier Strengthening
  • Description

    A luxurious selection of Ayurveda-backed skincare products curated to pamper your skin & nourish it from within. An ideal Day Skincare regime needs just 2 things: Nourishment and Protection. This day care duo not only targets protection but together also works on 7 skincare concerns like dark spots, pigmentation, acne, fine lines, wrinkles, dullness and dryness. Immerse yourself in transformative skincare, where the blend of Natural Retinol in Rosehip Oil & Potent Vitamin C in Bergamot oil works on ageing and nourishes the skin. The Power blend of Pearl, Dates & Wheatgerm Oil penetrates deep into the epidermis for protection and strengthening barrier.

    Instead of layering products on one another and over burdening our skin, Minimalistic usage is the key to strengthen & protect our skin barrier.

      1. Additional Information

        • Tejas-Pearl & Elaidi SPF Face Cream: Rs. 845.00
        • Rasa - Blue Tansy & Bakuchi Radiance Serum: Rs. 875
      2. All ingredients

        Rasa- Golden Jojoba oil, rosehip oil, lavender oil, bergamot oil, lemon oil, tea tree oil, almond oil, Licorice oil, Mandarin oil, grapeseed oil, chamomile oil, blue tansy oil, and Wheatgerm oil.
        Tejas- Manjishtha(Rubia cordifolia Linn) - 2%, Mukta Pishti - 0.1%, Yasad Bhasma - 0.1%, Elaidi Tailum(Tailum) - 0.01%, Aloevera(Aloe barbadensis Mill) - 0.005%, Badaneembu(Citrus Limon Bum) - 0.002%, Dhania(Coriandrum Sativum Linn) - 0.002%, Lodhra(Symplocos racemosa roxb) - 0.002%, Anantmool(Hemidesmus indicus) - 0.002%, Khus(Andropogon muricatus Retz.) - 0.005%, Neem(Azadirachta indica A.juss) - 0.002%, Kasturi Manjal(Curcuma longa linn) - 0.002%, Grape(Vitis Vinifera Linn) - 0.002%, Banyan bark(Ficus benghalensis Linn) - 0.002%, Clove(Eugenia carophyllata Kuntze) - 0.005%, Date(Phoenix dactylifera) - 0.002%, Almond(Prunus amygdalus Batsch) - 0.01%, Wheatgerm oil(Triticum sativum Linn) - 0.002%, Manjishthadi Tail(Rubia cordifolia Linn) - 0.002%, Khus tailam(Andropogon muricatus Retz.) - 0.005%, Kumkumadi Tailam - 0.002%, Olive base(Olea europaea linn) - 0.002%, Glycerin - 0.005%, Cream base qs, preservatives-Sodium Anisate - 0.5%, Sodium Levulinate - 0.5%, no artificial color & fragrance.
      3. Benefits

        • Intensively repairs skin cells and protects the skin
        • Protection of Skin at skin deep level
        • A complete rejuvenation tool for day care
        • Encourages skin repair while brightening the skin
        • Builds skin elasticity and promotes youthful radiance.
        • Eliminates fine lines, improves skin texture and plumps up the skin.
        • Eco-friendly packaging
      4. FAQs

        Q: How do I incorporate Rasa & Tejas into my routine?

        A:Rasa is a must for a rejuvenating and skin barrier strengthening Daytime skincare routine. To be incorporated after your cleansing and toning at Day, a 2-5 minutes massage with Rasa will bring transformative results to keep skin youthful and radiant. Lock in the moisture of Rasa serum with Tejas Day SPF30 moisturiser for an added burst of protection and nourishment.
        Tejas should be the last step in your Daytime skincare routine to protect, nourish and restore the skin cells.

        Q: Are Rasa & Tejas the right Day skincare combo for me?

        A: Rasa & Tejas is a luxurious, restorative and nourishing Day skincare combo that suits all skin types. Rasa is 100% pure transformative facial oil whose potency is furthermore enhanced by pairing it up with Tejas Day Spf30 cream for an enhanced plump and youthful skin.
        Ayurveda is a science of prevention hence it is best if you incorporate this combo in your daily routine from the age of 20 and beyond.

        Q: How often should I use these products?

        A: Rasa & Tejas are a must for Daily Daytime skincare routine.

      5. Caution

        • Since our products are made with natural ingredients, a slight variation in color may occur.

      Active ingredients

      • Cleanse and tone skin thoroughly before use. Take a few drops of Rasa serum in the day and massage gently in upward motion all over the face and neck. Use Tejas- SPF30 Cream over it to lock in the moisture and protect skin from Harmful rays of sun and diminish signs of ageing, dryness, and dullness.
        Rasa has been designed keeping in mind todays needs of the skin and provides a 360 degree care solution for skin. A 2-3 minute massage during day shall strengthen skin from within and reveal a radiant, spot-free, blemish free and youthful plump skin.
        Tejas is a luxurious rejuvenating SPF30 moisturiser that suits all skin types and works on upgrading the skin quality.
        Do a patch test on your forearm to check for any reactions/allergies.

      • Rasa is a must for a rejuvenating and skin barrier strengthening day skincare routine.
        Tejas is a must for a nourishing protection, and anti ageing day skincare routine.

      • Store in a cool and dry place.Since our products are made with natural ingredients, a slight variation in colour/consistency may occur.

      Complete Your Routine With

      Eco Certified Preservation
      Sustainable Packaging
      Sulphates Silicones Paraben Free
      Small Batches
      Skin Barrier Strengthening
      Proprietary Ayurvedic Medicine
      No Nasty Chemicals
      Multi Functional
      FDA & Ayush Ministry Certified

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 11 reviews
      Purity for sure!

      Fantastic products! Great present for my other half who loved them also. My husband is now more into skincare than me.

      Wondersful results

      These products are truly rejuvenative. The best part is my skin is sensitive and they haven't caused a single reaction. My daughter says it makes my skin look smoother and less tired! I have only been using it just over a week or so - i feel amazing.

      Delighted with the results since using your Rasa and Tejas.

      I have suffered with 'problem' skin since my teenage years. I'm now in my forties. Your products smell divine and the best part is they are also very different in texture and effective to use compared to any other (much more expensive) products I have used but so far I have seen a big improvement in my skin especially in my dark spots. I have not suffered any breakouts. Thats a bonus!

      Product is brilliant, I would highly recommend

      Beautiful natural facial oil Rasa. I have been using this day combo and especially under my makeup! My skin feels amazing and nourished. My make up does not crack or looks flakey. This is a bonus considering my skin is also imroving a lot.

      No chemicals, just Effective Purity

      I came across your products on Instagram and I was very keen on trying these products. Since I am a make up artist so i was very particular. I started with day essential combo and I must say, they not only smell divine, feel gorgeous but have the ingredients that I dream of! No nasties, just pure, thought out, conscious ingredients. I most love the 100% pure RAsa facial oil. Ive been using it a lot recently on my models for shoots and they all comment on how good they feel. Now I am eager to try the whole range soon and Im sure they are a winner too.