Champi- Mushroom & Triphala Hair Treatment Oil
Champi- Mushroom & Triphala Hair Treatment Oil
Champi- Mushroom & Triphala Hair Treatment Oil

Champi- Mushroom & Triphala Hair Treatment Oil

An Ayurvedic treatment to build up barrier strength for healthy, resilient hair while restoring its pH balance to arrest hair issues of dandruff, hairfall, and premature greying.
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  • Proprietary Ayurvedic Medicine
  • Stimulates growth & Thickens hair
  • With natural Niacinamide: Mushroom
  • With natural Retinol: Almond Oil
  • With natural ceramide: Sesame Oil
  • With natural Vitamin C: Hibiscus
  • 100% Pure Blend of 20 herbs & oils
  • Silicones, Sulphates, Paraben Free
  • Description

    An infusion of finest quality herbs, organic cold pressed oils with Nature’s Niacinamide- Mushroom, Champi is crafted to moisturise the hair shaft and protect them from heat and external damage. The ancient ritual of oiling hair is recreated with Nature’s Actives to provide strength in each hair strand as well as arrest hair issues caused by stress, pollution and chemical treatments. Brahmi, bhringraj, hibiscus, anantmool boost collagen production on the scalp, promote healthy hair growth, and improve its overall texture. Triphala stimulates the hair follicles for enhanced hair growth and scalp health. A must treatment to arrest hair issues of dryness, dandruff, hairfall, and premature greying.

      1. All ingredients

        Composition (Each 20 ml contains): Cow Milk-100%, Sesame oil (Sesamum indicum)- 35%, Coconut Oil (Cocos nucifera)- 10%, Almond Oil (Pterocarpus santalinus)- 2.5%, Wheat germ Oil (Triticum Sativum linn)-2.5%, Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri)-2.5%, Palash Beej (Butea frondroa)-0.01%, Bhringraj (Eclipta Alba)-0.01%, Japa Pushp (Hibiscus rosasinensis linn)-0.01%, Mulethi (Glycyrrhiza Glabra)-0.05%, Anantmool Madrasi (Trichosanthes Cucumerina)-0.05%, Inderjoo (Wrightia Tinctoria)-0.05%, Brahmi (Bacopa Monneiri)-2.5%, Trifla (Compound Drug)-2.5%, Amla (Emblica Officinalls)-2.5%, Mandookparni (Centella Asiatica)-1.5%, Chatrak (Mushroom) (Agaricus Campestris)-1.5%, Shankpushpi (Convollulus Pluricanlis)-1.5%, Jatamansi (Nardostachys Jatamansi)-1%, Rosemary, jojoba, & lavendar. no artificial color.
      2. Benefits

        • Deeply nourishes and conditions dull & dry hair
        • Prevents hair fall and premature greying
        • Promotes hair growth & restores volume
        • Works on each strand to strengthen it from within
        • Treats dandruff
        • Is paraben, sulphate and chemical free
      3. FAQs

        Q: Why to use Champi?

        A: Champi is a blend of hair strengthening herbs like Brahmi, Bhringraj, Jatamansi, Japapati, niacin Richa Mushroom, etc in nourishing and rich oils Sesame, coconut, almond and wheat germ. The oil works on each strand and strengthens it from within. It’s an excellent treatment for dryness, dandruff, baldness and premature greying.

        Q: Can I oil my hair? A

        : Ayurveda keeps ‘oiling’ hair as a must treatment for healthy and strong hair. Oiling nourishes the hair and boosts blood circulation that results in hair growth and scalp strength. Champi is a 100% pure hair oil and can be used on all hair types, even the chemical/colour treated ones.

        Q: Can using hair oil give me acne?

        A: No. The duration range of oiling is to differentiate between people who have oily to dry scalp. Oiling range is for 1 hour to overnight. People who have acne issues should oil their hair for 30 minutes to one hour.

        Dry scalp and use the range from 4 hours to overnight.

      4. Caution

        • Since our products are made with natural ingredients, a slight variation in color may occur.

      Active ingredients

      Complete Your Routine With

      Eco Certified Preservation
      Sustainable Packaging
      Sulphates Silicones Paraben Free
      Small Batches
      Skin Barrier Strengthening
      Proprietary Ayurvedic Medicine
      No Nasty Chemicals
      Multi Functional
      FDA & Ayush Ministry Certified

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 21 reviews
      Champi oil

      This hair oil is genuinely true to every word printed on the box.
      Its feels so light on the head.
      I don’t feel like washing my hair after oiling which was never the scene.
      It has really helped me with the patches on my scalp. I can see new growth now and I am so happy about it , I had tried every cold pressed oil possible nothing worked like the way your oil did . I see a tremendous change in terms of strength .

      U guys are doing a great and most importantly honest work.
      I trust all your products .

      I believed in it.

      I believed in it.

      Gives a spa effect

      The product is really appreciable, works great on my hair. Gives a spa effect post wash

      amazing for smoothness and hair fall

      This hairoil Keeps my hair smooth and soft with zero hair knowledge of beauty products is very limited but this product really works

      strengthen hairs

      Good hair oil, strengthen hairs. works on grey hair like magic