Healthy Lifestyle and Skin Benefits!

Healthy Lifestyle and Skin Benefits!

A healthy lifestyle is always, always reflected in healthy skin. 

With the scientific and technological advancements, we have the greatest of gadgets and comfort to maximise our productivity and happiness, rather we are encircling ourselves in a rut of unnecessary and endlessly toxic lifestyle that shows itself throught dullness and early ageing on our skin. 

We are suffering from physical and mental ailments more than ever before and we are ensuring, by our non-sync actions with nature, our future life suffers too. To have a glowing skin, it is important that happiness and health is radiated from inside the body. We need to create a lifestyle that complements our coexistence with nature as well as touches upon our physical and mental well-being. 

Not all skin battles can be fought using expensive products and surgeries, many can be prevented by adopting these healthy habits that help us radiate inside out.

  1. Food: 

Ayurveda says whatever we put in our body, is eaten by it. We are an extension of our eating habits. A well-balanced diet of proteins, carbohydrates, healthy fat, proper water intake, plenty of fruits and vegetables is bound to give you not only a healthy body but also a glowing skin. Healthy eating keeps our bodily functions in check and paves the way for a healthy younger looking skin. 

  1. Regular Exercise: 

Blood is Rasa in Ayurveda. The quality of this Rasa is determined by how efficiently the food is digested and transported within our bodies. Healthy food solves half purpose if the blood is not able to carry and distribute it to each and every cell in our body. To assure its proper assimilation and absorption, regular exercise is a must. Exercising ensures that the Rasa reaches the entire cells in a blockage free manner and hence delivers a glowing skin. 

  1. Say no to Stress:

Science has now backed that many physical, mental as well as hair skin disorders are rooted in Stress levels of the body. Hairfall, acne, psoriasis, dark circles, dryness and many more are aggravated as our mental well-being is compromised. Together with exercise, meditation and soul feeding activities must be included in our lifestyle for that radiating skin.

  1. Tobacco is Trouble: 

Smoking is harmful is a well-known fact now. However, people often ignore that apart from bringing diseases in your body, smoking also wreaks havoc on your skin and hair. Smoking decreases the amount of oxygen in our body and hence the nourishment of the body as well as skin is thrown off-balance. 

  1. Mindful Skincare Routine: 

What food is to the body, pure natural self-care products are for skin and hair. A daily skincare routine managed from your hectic day ensures that the tiredness, dullness accumulated in the entire day on the skin is removed as well as nourishment is provided to the skin to heal from within, especially at night time. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you ensure the quality of ingredients and products you are putting on your skin. The choice between ‘quick results from artificial chemicals’ or ‘pure ingredients for long-term beauty’ must be made consciously.  

To look beautiful, we must live beautiful.